"improve employee engagement and drive business results."

Kesher Consulting is an internal communications agency that helps organizations understand the connections between corporate culture, employee engagement and business results.

As experts in the field of internal communications, we work with our clients to communicate key initiatives by designing innovative internal programs, brands and campaigns of all kinds. We create dialogue between organizations and their employees, enabling them to be more connected, inspired and effective.

Our approach is a unique blend of strategy, design and employee communications, and allows us to gain a deep understanding of your organization and culture to develop internal communications activities that improve employee engagement and drive business results.

In business and life everything is intertwined.

In business and life everything is intertwined.

ke•sher noun, from Hebrew
1. connection; linkage; tie; bond.
2. liaison.
3. communication.

The Kesher philosophy recognizes the connections that are present in all aspects of life and seeks to illuminate them to inspire more effective communications, particularly among organizations and their employees. Our philosophy is visually depicted by the Kesher logo. The spirals in our logo are inspired by the Fibonacci series, a sequence of numbers which can be found throughout time and nature, and which can be graphed in the form of a spiral.

In recognition of the connections that bind all things, Kesher provides a holistic approach to communications, with the goal of fostering stronger organizational connections, strategic thinking and enhanced business results.


Kesher Consulting brings the right people together for the right project. We maintain a small core staff and a talented network of partners and associates. With this flexible structure, we can assemble a team tailored to your specific needs for any type of engagement.

Our core team consists of communications strategists and consultants that provide internal communications, strategy, branding, writing and project management expertise, along with a network of partners and associates specializing in a variety of areas, including change management, graphic and web design, employee engagement and social media.

This combination of skills and talent enables us to offer a distinctly fresh perspective on your organization's communications challenges.

Kesher recognizes the value of connections between organizations and their employees, and between our team and yours. Our mission is to provide you with a campaign and team for your specific needs, laying the foundation for a productive partnership that can grow and deepen over time.

If you're interested in joining our network, please send us an email at network@kesherconsulting.com; we're always interested in meeting talented people.


A skilled communicator who believes strongly in the power of dialogue and its ability to facilitate positive change.

Connect with Monica on:
Twitter at @monicafo and LinkedIn.

Monica Friedman Oestreich has worked in both corporate and agency environments across a variety of industries and business segments, including biotech, retail and computer networking.

With more than 15 years of experience in internal communications, branding, training and organizational development, plus a deep expertise in technology, Monica brings this unique perspective to her client’s communications challenges, along with a passion for delivering quality, innovative work.

Prior to founding Kesher, some of Monica's career highlights included serving as campaign director for Bonfire Communications, where she created and oversaw Genentech's innovative internal branding program, "gLife: Where Life Meets Work;" leading corporate communications at Gymboree, where she was responsible for implementing the first worldwide, internal communications program integrating all of the company's businesses and brands; and serving as employee communications manager at 3Com, where she launched the 3Community intranet, which was recognized by CIO Magazine as one of the 50 top intranet sites delivering outstanding business value. While at 3Com, Monica also managed the internal communications surrounding its merger with U.S. Robotics, at the time the largest technology merger in the world. Monica is a veteran player in the communications and technology fields; she understands how things work and she gets things done.

Since founding Kesher Consulting, she has developed internal campaigns and programs for a diverse group of clients that includes Genentech, Gap and McKesson.

Monica holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science from Emory University, where she also minored in religion. An organic coffee enthusiast, Monica loves telling others about the benefits of living in the San Francisco Bay Area and the three loves of her life her husband and their two children. She believes it's possible to balance the joys of parenting with a fulfilling career. This philosophy is evident in the makeup of the Kesher Consulting team, which includes many talented moms.